• The Ark Foundation!

    The Ark Foundation is a slum child-education development organization, directly benefitting children and their families every year, through few welfare projects on education, healthcare, livelihood and women empowerment, in remote villages and slums in India. Children, their families and the community become the target group for The Ark Foundation activities as child education cannot be done in isolation and nothing else but education for children can bring long lasting change in the society.

    • Our Belief

      The Ark Foundation believes that the reasonable change in societies cannot happen unless members of civil societies are not involved. Therefore we always try to make them partner in our mission because together we achieve more (TEAM) and together we can bring a big change for the welfare of the society. We are looking for the volunteers always, in a hope that they will do this work with a complete effort.

    • Upcoming Events

      Karam Mahotsav 2018

    • Our Vision

      • ● We focus to work in making positive irreversible change in lives of underprivileged children and their families by employing suitable processes.
      • ● We try to involve the society in meeting the above said changes.
      • ● We employ high quality management to accomplish our target.
    • Account Detail

      Name : The Ark Foundation
      Bank : Yes Bank
      Account Number : 046688700000100
      Branch : Kalkaji
      IFS Code : YESB0000466

  • Mission statement

    Always right in front of us, but why constantly hidden from our view?

    We see small hands making tea next to our office or our bus stop, bringing ironed clothes from the dhobi next to us and even sweeping at few places like hostel or at corner of room quietly.
    His name was Shivendra Kumar but he got labourized as ‘Chotu’, the most common name for the child labourers around you.

    The tears in his eyes dissolved the smile of his face. But did we ever notice? India is the largest example of a nation plagued by child labour. At a tender age when they should be receiving education crucial to their development, 17 million children in India are trapped in the clutches of exploitation and abuse of child labour. Always neglected by the society, these innocent faces are struggling for their survival. Come together to eradicate this blot on the face of humanity. Empower the future of the nation. Stop Child Labour. Try to educate them. “The next time yo u see him, notice him.”

    Keeping all these things in mind “The Ark Foundation” is trying to increase awareness about the education in children and youth since its inception & this understanding comes from education.

    Mission list:

    • Provide a Supporting hand

    • Education a ray of hope

    • Save the girl child

    • Daily support

  • Join Us

    The Ark Foundation believes that changes in society cannot be materialized without help of the members constituting the societies. Therefore we have an open offer to join us at your own convenience. We together make some difference in the field of children empowerment and the same for women.

    To join us all you need to do is contact us and let us know about yourself with all your personal details. After you join, any task you do in helping children and their families is a contribution in shaping the society. The membership is open to all who want to join us.

    The Ark Foundation


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  • Make Donations

    It’s easy to say it’s not my child, not my community, not my world, not my problem. Then there are those who see the need and respond. Those people are our hero.“We all have ability, difference is how we use it”

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    The world is preparing for a big change.
    Will you help?
    “Because alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

    Help Children

    250million children of primary school age lack basic reading, writing and math skills.

    The Ark Foundation


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  • The Ark Foundation

    The Ark Foundation is a NGO which is devoted to make changes in the country in a positive way with concentrating in education resulting into socio-economic changes. We understand that education is an important factor that plays important roles in the above said change. To accomplish this goal the volunteers of the NGO work day and night in order to make even a little improvement in the field of education. Here are some of the objectives that we have been focusing on:-

    • ● The children must get education.
    • ● Creating several groups to reach to all the sections of the society around India.
    • ● To interact and be in touch with the organizations that has the similar vision and target as the The Ark Foundation has.
    • ● To recognize the problems faced by the communities in the fields of health, environment, social economic issues and women empowerment.


    The Ngo understands that education is the means since it encourages a person to live a healthy life and it is also end to a good life since it improves the person’s awareness on a wide variety of issues. Education is an important reason for the children to grow strength in them so that they can live a good life at later stages.


    • ● Ms Pargab Sala
    • ● Mrs B. Grace
    • ● MR Vivek Lawrence
    • ● Mr Hariom Kaushik
    • ● Ms Lalita Sankla
    • ● Mr Vinit
    • ● Mrs Shyla Lawrence
  • Upcoming Events

    Karam Mahotsav 2018